We’re committed to supporting people and our environment

Our sustainability goals

At Abbey, we’re very conscious of the need to be as sustainable as possible in everything we do, so we’ve invested in some major sustainability initiatives and set ourselves some ambitious goals.

abbey sustainable packaging impact initiative

Goal 1

To remove the use of all non-sustainable plastic packaging by December 2024. We are reaching out to our suppliers to ask for their support.

abbey renewable energy impact initiative

Goal 2

To remove all gas-powered heating and be able to heat our facility using only renewable energy sources by December 2025.

abbey solar panel impact initiative

Goal 3

To utilise our recently installed solar panels alongside onsite battery storage and wind power to become electrical energy self-sufficient by December 2026.

Other initiatives are helping us
to minimise our carbon footprint

We believe sustainability is about far more than minimising our impact or supplying environmentally friendly products. We’re also committed to continually improving and developing to ensure our business model, finances, and operations, including cyber security are resilient enough to thrive in the long term.

PAUL SAUNDERS, Abbey, Managing Director

How we're supporting our people
and our community

We want to do all we can to support the friends and families of our colleagues, our local community, and the charities that are close to our hearts

Abbey helps Ashton Bears ARLF youngsters excel on and off the field.

Ashton bears, impact

Abbey champions women's football team, JPS FC Ladies.

ups fc ladies, impact

Abbey's generosity aids development for Winnington Park RUFC Under 12s.

winnington park rufc, impact

2024 sponsored walk is planned to raise funds for the Christie Hospital.

Abbey 2024 sponsored charity walk, impact

Abbey’s generous sponsorship has helped our young players not only excel on the field but also helped them to develop crucial life skills for success and personal growth.

PAUL KELLY, Rugby Coach, Ashton Bears ARLF, and Abbey’s Servicer Director